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Exhibition on spectrum management within the framework of WRC-23


The World Radiocommunication Conference is being held in Dubai (UAE) from November 20 to December 15, which is an important event in the development of radio communication technologies and innovations in the field of wireless broadband access services. As part of this event, an exhibition was organized, including manufacturers of equipment and software for radio frequency spectrum monitoring systems.


One of the key moments of the event was a meeting with representatives of such leading companies as Rohde&Schwarz, LSTelcom and Progira. Employees of the "CEMC" not only got acquainted with the latest trends in the field of equipment for monitoring the radio frequency spectrum, but also held important briefings and conversations with representatives of these companies.


During the conversation with representatives of Rohde & Schwarz, the latest innovations in the field of measurement technologies and equipment for analyzing the radio frequency spectrum were discussed. Rohde&Schwarz is renowned for its cutting-edge developments in communications technology, and their participation in the exhibition provided a unique opportunity to discover their latest developments.

Employees discussed current issues in the field of telecommunications and spectrum monitoring with representatives of LSTelcom. The company is known for its software solutions for monitoring and analyzing the radio frequency spectrum, a critical aspect in today's communications environment.

Progira presented its latest developments in the field of planning and optimization of radio frequency networks. The meeting with representatives of this company allowed employees of the State Unitary Enterprise "CEMC" to more deeply understand what technologies will determine the future development of radio frequency spectrum monitoring tools.


Such meetings and discussions not only facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge between key industry players, but also provide an opportunity to improve existing methods for monitoring and analyzing the radio frequency spectrum. Participation in the exhibition within the framework of WRC-23 confirmed the position of the State Unitary Enterprise "CEMC" as a leading innovation center that is actively introducing advanced technologies to ensure efficiency and safety in the field of monitoring the radio frequency spectrum.


Author: A.K. Kakhramonov

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