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  • 08 march 2016
    Dear ladies!

    We sincerely congratulate on wonderful spring holiday – 8th of March. Let success, beauty and love never abandon you! Let the family warmth, well being and abundance, peace and prosperity always rem

  • 16 december 2015
    Studying the new requirements of ISO 9001:2015

    On the 11th December of the current year, the Agency “Uzstandart” and German society of international cooperation (GIZ) organized a conference about “Independent transition to the new version of

  • 07 december 2015
    Accept our congratulations!

    Collective of the Center of electromagnetic compatibility congratulates you on the 23th anniversary of adaptation of Constitution! We wish you not to forget about importance of its laws, because prosp

  • 31 august 2015
    We congratulate you with the holiday of Independence Day!

    Dear countrymen!!!We congratulate you with the holiday of Independence Day!We wish you heath, happiness and further prosperity!

  • 17 july 2015
    Eid Ramadan

    We congratulate with holy holiday Eid Ramadan! Let this holiday bring you happiness, success, well-being and strong health!  

  • 07 may 2015
    Congratulations on your professional holiday!

     SUE CEMC congratulates all employees of the communications sector with their professional holiday! We wish you all good health and success in your work!

  • 20 march 2015
    Accept congratulation on Navruz holiday!

    Accept congratulation from CEMC on Navruz holiday! We wish you strong health, prosperity, peace, friendship and warm relationship. Let all your dreams come true and let every moment of your life be as

  • 31 december 2014
    Happy New Year!

    We congratulate the people of Uzbekistan Republic with New 2015 Year!  We wish You happiness, prosperity strong health and long life! And wish all your dreams come true this New Year!  

  • 06 december 2014
    Our congratulation with Day of Constitution!

    «The Center of electromagnetic compatibility» sincerely congratulates all the citizens of Uzbekistan Republic with 8th of December, Day of Constitution. All the employees of our company wish you hap

  • 31 october 2014
    The development of digital television in the Republic of Uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan’s program of transferring to digital television is being realized and the plans are made till 2017. For this purpose, in 2009 a digital TV broadcaster UZDIGITAL TV was formed. In order t

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