IT Park to host online programming championship

On November 28, an online programming championship starts in Uzbekistan.

The event is organized by the Technology Park of Software Products and Information Technologies (IT Park) and the Dubai Future Foundation (UAE). The prize fund of the competition is $ 30,000.

The online championship will be held in two stages. The first, qualifying stage will take place on November 28-29, within which all participants will complete tasks to advance to the championship final. The second, final stage will take place on December 5-6. In total, according to the results of the championship, he determines six winners.

The competition itself will be held in two age categories:

Category A - participants under the age of 30 (advanced tasks)

Category B - school students (light tasks)


To participate in the online championship, you must be a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as have a certificate of completion of one of the One Million Uzber Coders courses.

Participants of the qualifying stage on an automatic basis can take part in the quarterfinals of the International Student Programming Olympiad (ICPC) in Uzbekistan.

To take part in the championship, register using the following link:


Source: Press Center


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