ITU Regional Workshop "Implementation of the RA-19 and WRC-19 decisions"

On September 20-22 of current year, on a behalf of Forum Global was held “5th CIS and CEE Spectrum management conference" and ITU regional workshop “Implementation of the Radiocommunication Assembly 2019 (RA-19) and World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19) decisions” which was held online in Zoom platform on September 23-24.


At the “Spectrum management conference”, such issues as the stage of preparation for WRC-23, the practice of harmonizing the radio frequency spectrum to eliminate radio interference with neighboring countries, the future of technologies based on the 5G concept and other questions were discussed.



As part of the seminar " The need for low, medium and high frequencies, as well as frequencies below 1 GHz when introducing 5G technologies in the CIS countries ", the head of the department of regulation the use of the radio-frequency spectrum of the Ministry, D. Dusmatov said that countries still use terrestrial television networks in the 700 MHz range, which complicates the introduction of broadband technologies in the region.

The regional workshop “Implementation of the decisions of the 2019 Radiocommunication Assembly and the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019” was devoted to the practical implementation of the decisions of RA-19 and WRC-19. Issues related to the use of the radio frequency spectrum in terrestrial radio systems, software and a database for assessing the conformity and compatibility of broadcasting stations, the use of RFS in space radio communication systems, software and databases for them were discussed.


At a regional workshop within the panel discussion on the topic “Experience in managing the use of the radio frequency spectrum in the CIS countries”, D. Dusmatov made a presentation on the practice of managing the radio frequency spectrum in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

These two meetings were attended by the head and specialists of the profile divisions of SUE "CEMC": A.Kh. Khashimhodjaev, Sh.T. Kerimov, U. U. Nishanov, N.P. Rozykulova, E.Kh. Mirzabekov, J.K. Nazirkhanov, M.V. Zaitseva and A.O. Kudratova.


A.O. Kudratova

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