Advantages of using digital radio relay communication lines

Presently, exchanging information is an integral part of our life. One of the conditions for development of modern society is the wide and convenient use of information and digital technologies.

Many years of practical experience has led to the widespread use of radio relay lines to improve the reliability and quality of transmission of various data over wireless communication channels. In particular, radio relay lines are a fast and efficient solution that allows users to build a new network, expand an existing network and create backup channels of a wired network to increase its reliability.

The main functions of digital radio relay communication lines are:

- creation of transport infrastructure by telecom operators in interregional and local networks;

- construction of technological communication lines;

- connection of high-speed LAN networks;

- redundancy of fiber-optic communication lines.


The operators can use backbone RRS to reserve fiber-optic lines or connect fiber-optic cables for building backbone wireless channels. To increase the bandwidth and reliability of data transmission, several radio relay stations are being created. When fiber-optic lines are unavailable, operators use radio relay stations to connect their regional networks to each other, creating long-distance wireless trunk lines with multiple transit points.

In Uzbekistan, mobile operators are actively using digital radio relay stations to build transport infrastructure. The use of wireless channels by mobile operators in their networks allows to significantly reduce costs by decreasing the fee for renting a line of fixed-line operators.

Additionally, wireless channels are widely used in construction of modern communication networks for the transmission of high-speed information over short distances using broadband radio relay devices operating in the range of 71.76 - 81.86 GHz.

According to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 801 dated 22.12.2020. "On regulation in the field of use of radio frequency spectrum and the use of radio-electronic means and high-frequency devices" and the Decision of the Republican Council on Radio Frequencies No. 610 of 19.10.2020. "On simplification of the procedure for the use of radio-electronic means" defines the procedure for issuing permits for the use of RRS of SUE "CEMC".


Prepared by: Dosmukhamedov U.D., Abilov N.T.

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