Announcement: The first computer program and search tool on Islam is organized in Uzbek language

The YURIDA-ONLINE information and search system operating on offline programs of the YURIDA legal information system has been launched. The following new directions have been launched in the search tool and formed their database:

1. The YURIDA-ISLOM information and search tool is the first computer program containing brochures, articles, and information about Islam, developed in accordance with the cooperation agreement with the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan dated December 21, 2020. With the help of this special search tool, you can quickly search, get acquainted, as well as copy and use information or articles on a particular topic that you need or is a problematic issue. The texts of all documents, brochures, articles and information of secular content contained in this special database are taken from printed publications, the official website of the Office of Muslims of Uzbekistan, the official websites of territorial representatives, as well as from books published in accordance with the conclusions issued by the Committee on Religious Affairs.

2. The YURIDA-MATBUOT information and search system is a special database consisting of electronic texts of articles published in newspapers and magazines of the republic, developed in accordance with the cooperation agreement with the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan dated February 16, 2022. The information search tool, which is the first and currently the only electronic platform in the Uzbek language, on the basis of which print media were created among the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, that is, electronic subscription to newspapers and magazines.

3. The YURIDA-ADABIYOT information system is a specialized database of electronic texts of works, books by native writers, poets, scientists, an electronic book trade platform developed in accordance with the cooperation agreement of March 25, 2022 with the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan. The main task of the YURIDA-ADABIYOT electronic platform is to meet the needs of the reader in these works by placing in their database the previously necessary works released in small editions or published for a long time, which are currently impossible to find.

On all of the above platforms, the texts of books are placed not in the form of an electronic image (PDF, JPEG, TIFF, DJVU), but in the form of text (in the Windows Word editing program). This convenience allows the user to use the search function of instant search for the necessary information by any keyword, fragment of text or by analyzing similar works.


Specialist in Public Relations
and Mass Media L.A.Turgunova


2022 year - Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development


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