Mnemonics or memory improving technics

As you know, employees of the State Unitary Enterprise “Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility” are currently undergoing attestation. In the process of preparing for certification, employees have to read a lot of documents, retell what they know, and prepare to tell the information they read. Despite the fact that all employees are masters of their craft, the study of industry legislation makes some difficulty for studying and memorizing new laws and regulations. At this time, someone is hindered by the inability to concentrate on studying the material, and someone's memory fails.

Recently, many of us have been ill (some several times) with coronavirus infection. This disease has left many negative consequences in the body. This has led to the fact that many of us have deteriorated memory.

Memory is one of the characteristics of the nervous system, which is the process of remembering what we perceived, experienced and did before and then remembered or recalled them later. The role of memory in a person's life is huge. The process that allows us to enjoy our experience, put the experience into practice and enjoy it again and again is certainly our memory.

To date, the strengthening of memory, concentration of attention is becoming important issues in the development of human spirituality. This is evidenced by the research of many modern scientists, psychologists, writers, linguists. Now we would like to share with you what we have learned about memory strengthening.

The initial mindset is to fight for survival. This tuning of the brain causes biological needs. This means that you need to adjust your brain regarding the information you want to learn. To do this, you must first answer the questions “What gives you the opportunity to remember and learn or not to study certain information? The answers to these questions will need to be written down on one piece of paper. When the brain analyzes this, it turns on the function of fighting for survival, taking into account the bad sides that the inability to learn in accordance with its original setting causes, and this gives 95% of the results of the memorization test.

First, be free of people who will bother you during the training, leave the room in which you will be alone or you can ask them not to disturb you.

Secondly, turn off your mobile device and do not answer any calls or SMS.

Thirdly, study at a certain periodicity of time, for example, in 25 minutes, read in 5 minutes of rest, and repeat the same thing again 3 times. Do not change the intervals between study and rest. According to the rule: 25 minutes to teach - 5 minutes rest; 25 minutes to teach - 5 minutes rest; 25 minutes to teach - up to 30 minutes rest.

Fourthly, so that the brain is not overloaded with unnecessary information, all you need to do is write it down on a piece of paper, if you remember, because the brain hardly copes with two tasks at the same time.

Fifth, it is necessary to drink water during training, because water can reduce brain tension and prevent headaches.

Our memory instantly remembers information related to places; imagination; repeating data over and over again.

So, imagine tying the information you are learning to a place and repeating it in your brain. In practice, the training, repeated 2 times 5 times a day, has proven itself well.

You can improve memorization by the following methods:

 reading aloud;

 record the necessary and important points of the information you read;

 playback of recorded data 5 times;

 tell someone information that you have understood and remembered from reading.

 Try this learning practice on yourself. Your hard work on acquiring knowledge and consolidating it will definitely give its results. You will succeed!


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