Who can help me to null radio-interferences, which interrupt reception of television and radio programs? What are the means of dejamming?

1. Users of radio-frequency spectrum can make their requests to CEMC for detection of radio-interference sources and removing the interruption of the users radio-electronic equipment operation.

2. CEMC receives and analyzes the requests to null the radio-interferences from natural persons, legal persons and radio-frequency agencies.

3. The civil requests to null the radio-interferences, which interrupt reception of radio and television programs, can be sent to CEMC in written form or made by telephone.

4. The radio-electronic equipment owners should make their requests in written form. CEMC receives the requests only from owners of registered and operating permitted radio-electronic equipment.

5.Requests can be made in a free form. In the case of temporary radio-interferences, the request should include interference occurrence time slot.

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