What are the penalties for using and sale of not registered radiotelephone extenders, such as VOJAGER, SENAO, BADA, SONY, NOKIA, MOTOROLA, HARVEST, etc.?

The resolution of The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About additional arrangements for promoting the efficiency of the radio-frequency spectrum usage. Organization and distribution of television programs and data communication" (dated 10.07.98, N293) reads as follows:

Appendix N7, Point 14. If a radio-electronic equipment and high-frequency devices were manufactured or purchased by ministries, departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign legal persons and stateless persons, without a proper license, it must be seized, until the administrative responsibility case will be investigated according to the law.

The responsibility for illegal using, manufacture, designing, building, purchasing and selling of radio-electronic equipment and high-frequency devices is determined in the article 152 of the Administrative Code of Uzbekistan. It involves the liability for breakage and practicable seizure of above-mentioned device.

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