What radio-electronic devices do not need any permission to use them in the Republic of Uzbekistan?

The list of radio-electronic equipment and high-frequency devices, which do not need any permission from Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan, to be imported and operated, was established in the decision N 83 (dated 25.08.98) of SCRF Uz.

1. Sound and video-systems, which are allowed for sale through trading network (including sound and video-recording technique and reproducers; except radio-wave emitting devices).

2. Hand-held transceivers operating in the 2696-27860 kHz, with capacity less than 5Watt.

3. Radio-warning guard devices operating in the 18945-26965 kHz range, with capacity less than 2Watt.

4. Cordless telephones with capacity less than 10mWatt (radiotelephone devices which extend the telephone network within a short distance).

5.Cellular telephones for individual use.

6.Industrial high-frequency devices with capacity of a loading device less than 96Watt.

7.High-frequency medical equipment.

8.Domestic high-frequency devices, which are allowed for sale through trading network (microwave ovens, UHF domestic devices).

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