Mobile radiocommunication department


Nishanov Uygun Utkirovich

Head of department
Phones: +998 95 340-41-02, +998 95 340-41-03


The active of  the Mobile radiocommunication department is regulated by the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan concerning the Radiofrequency spectrum, Telecommunication, and the procedures of radispectrum  and radioelectronic means usage, Resolutions of SCRF Uz, and local regulations of CEMC.

Mobile radiocommunication department examines the applications  for registration of mobile communications civil radio- electronic means, issues the permissions for purchasing and installation, design and building, export and usage of mentioned equipment.

Basic functions of the Mobile radiocommunication department are listed below:

1. Participating in the processes of creation of the norms concerning radiospectrum usage and planning of  radiospectrum usage by mobile communications;

2. Registration of the mobile communication radio-electronic means in the frequency bands, allotted by SCRF Uz;

3. Analysis of the applications for the possibility and the conditions of mobile communication radio-electronic means usage in Uzbekistan;

4. Promoting of the effective  radiospectrum usage, and developing the mobile communications in Uzbekistan. Registration and rewriting of civil radio-electronic means of mobile communication;

5. Consultation concerning Electromagnetic Compatibility’s ensuring.

All radio electronic means must be registered, except the equipment listed in The decision №83 of SCRF Uz, dated 15.08.1998.

Registration is carried out according to “Provisions of radio spectrum usage management and control of radio –electronic means in the republic of Uzbekistan” (registered by the Ministry of justice of Uzbekistan on 13.04.1999, numbered 700). The registration includes the following steps:

  • Legalization the right of possession of frequencies, together with granting a permission to purchase, install or design and build a radio- electronic mean (part 6)
  • Legalization the permission to import a radio-electronic mean (part 10)
  • Legalization the permission to use a radio-electronic mean (part 9)

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Department of mobile radio communication (DMRC)

Department of mobile radio communication (DMRC) fulfills following services:

-Consideration of users’ applications (physical and legal persons) and registration of corresponding allowing documents on import, purchase and installation, projecting and construction, operation of radio-electronic means depending on a working range of radio frequencies:
1) To radio stations in SW a range of 3-30 MHz in Tashkent city and Tashkent region;
2) To radio stations in USW ranges 33,0-48,5 MHz, 57,025-57,500 MHz (in Tashkent city and Tashkent region), 150-174 MHz, 300-344 MHz, 450-470 MHz, 806-821 MHz, 851-866 MHz (all over territory of Uzbekistan),
3) To user's terminals (to cellular radio telephones, radio modems, etc.);

- Under references of applicants gives out the expert judgment on the radio-electronic means imported on ТН code of foreign trade activities 8525 and 8517, concerning to Civil category according to SCRF Regulation №2/8 from 14.07.2008;
- Assists in consideration of complaints about interference to radio reception;
- Gives out the conclusion on use of radio stations on C-B range (26,965-27,860 MHz);
- Gives out the conclusion on the equipment which is a subject to registration in the Center of electromagnetic compatibility;
- Gives consultation on maintenance of electromagnetic compatibility, delivery of the technical conclusions about an opportunity of use of radio frequencies of a mobile radio communication;
- Considers applications for registration of allowing documents from diplomatic and consulates (the reference through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan).

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