Accounts department


Rasulev Mumin Xalikovich

Head of department
Phone: +998 71 230-64-61
Fax: 8-371-120-30-22


  • Organization of the account financial - economic activity of the enterprise;
  • Development long-term monetary - financial policy of the enterprise;
  • Organization of CEMC activity on safety and effective utilization of a fixed capital, turnaround means and financial resources;
  • Maintenance of timeliness of calculations of the budget, with other official bodies, banks, legal and physical persons;
  • Control over use of financial and property resources of the enterprise;
  • Control over observance of financial - credit and tax laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Duly prevention of the negative phenomena in economic - financial activity, revealing and mobilization of intraeconomic reserves.
  • Drawing up and representation in target dates of quarter cash plans to bank establishments.
  • Presentation of the payment assignments to bank establishments, issued when due hereunder and other settlement documents for the goods rendered services and performed works; maintenance of duly reception of invoices and acceptances of measures to duly reception of means due from buyers.
  • Conducting daily operative account of the performance of financial plan parameters.
  • Drawing up of data and information on financial condition and granting them to administration.
  • Drawing up and duly granting of the established operative and statistical reporting to the higher organization, tax inspection, bank and statistics establishments.
  • Introduction of the most expedient forms of calculations with buyers and suppliers, promoting timeliness and maintenance payments and conducting of rules observance of these calculations.
  • Reception, storage, operative account and delivery of cash, securities and forms of the strict reporting according to Regulations about conducting cash operations.
  • Observance of the limit of cash remains in cash department of the enterprise certained by bank establishment in and maintenance of full safety of bank notes.
  • Realization of the regular analysis of the accounting, statistical and operative reporting concerning, observance of financial and payment disciplines, forecasting of results of economic-financial activities; improvement use of a fixed capital and turnaround means.
  • Participation in organization of work on industrial-economic activity of the enterprise and definition of influence of this activity to financial parameters.
  • Participation in the conclusion of economic contracts and acceptance of financial conditions.
  • Control of observance of registration rules of acceptance and release commodity - material assets; correctness of an expenditure of payment fund, an establishment of official salaries, strict observance of regular, financial and cash discipline; observance of the established rules of carrying out of inventories of money resources, commodity - material assets, a fixed capital, calculations and payment obligations.

2022 year - Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development


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