Office of office management and quality control of production processes


Yusupov Abduraxim Abdurazakovich

Head of service
Phones: +998 71 230-61-33, +998 71 230-61-45


  • Development, introduction, constant maintenance and perfection of System of the Quality management according МС ISO 9001 and O‘zDst 9001 requirements;
  • Involving all structural divisions of the enterprise in process of expansion of area of SQM distribution;
  • Ordering of the existing documentation and perfection of a uniform control system by SQM documentation in CEMC SUE;
  • Organization of works on standardization;
  • Organization of works on conducting and control of documents execution;
  • Organization of works on consideration of the reference of citizens and drawing up the reporting;
  • Organization and management of work of system of electronic document circulation (EDC) inside of the enterprise, including interaction between administrative-and-management personnel with structural and regional divisions;
  • Analysis of data on processes, drawing up the report on activity of CEMC SUE and development of practical recommendations;
  • Organization of actions on improvement of professional skill of experts of CEMC SUE;
  • Development and introduction of offers concerning rationalization and innovative projects in the enterprise.
  • Carries out actions on development, introduction, certifications and perfection of SQM;
  • Realizes Policy of CEMC State Unitary Enterprise in the field of quality and maintenance of its understanding;
  • Organizes and participates in carrying out of internal SQM audits;
  • Carries out the methodical and consulting help to the staff of the enterprise, regional divisions in work on creation, introduction and perfection of SQM;
  • Carries out ordering of the existing documentation and perfection of a uniform control system by SQM documentation in CEMC State Unitary Enterprise;
  • Participates during preparation for SQM CEMC SUE and regional SEMC certification;
  • Spends examinations of projects of normative documents of divisions from the point of view of their conformity with SQM;
  • Studies questions on standardization with “Uzgosstandart” Agency, "UNICON.UZ" SUE within the limits of the competence;
  • Participates in development of new and revision of operating normative documents and their introduction in activity of the enterprise;
  • Creates and conducts fund of normative documents (electronic and paper) and informative fund of the enterprise;
  • Works under the control of a condition, correctly conducting office-work, under the control of documents execution and their safety according to the established rules;
  • Keeps account of letters, applications, complaints and references, which have been addressed to the enterprise, and provides their considerations in established in the Law order and time;
  • Organizes and coordinates work under the control of condition, correct conducting office-work, under the control of execution of documents and their safety in system of electronic document circulation (EDC);
  • Carries out an organizational-methodical management on performing of discipline in structural divisions;
  • Forms general analytical report after carrying out of the analysis of processes in the form of tables and text comments;
  • Spends information gathering, processing, analysis and data storage about activity of the enterprise in general;
  • Conducts monitoring of clients’ satisfaction;
  • Studies requirement of workers of the enterprise for the scientific and technical information and carries out reference maintenance with materials about domestic and foreign achievements of a science, with the purpose of increase of scientific and technical knowledge of workers;
  • Participates in drawing up of plans on improvement of professional skill of experts of services, departments and structural divisions of CEMC SUE. Carries out search of educational institutions and courses of improvement of qualification;
  • Reveals perspective innovative projects and promotes their realization.

2022 year - Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development


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