Head of the Capital construction and technical supply service


Ismailova Nasiba Turgunbaevna

Email: ismailova@cemc.uz
Phone.: +998 71 230-61-39
Reception days: working days (Monday-Friday)
from 8:00 to 11:00




  • coordinates work of the Administrative office of the enterprise, departments of the mobile radio communication fixed and a satellite communication, TV and radio broadcasting, coordination of radio-frequency assignments, and also a “Aktash” recreation zone.
  • coordinates questions of planning, assignment, use, account of working frequencies and call signs;
  • coordinates work on maintenance of electromagnetic compatibility for radio-electronic means of the centralized purpose;
  • manages questions of the coordination of frequency assignments;
  • carries out the control over activity of structural divisions regarding use of a radio-frequency spectrum;
  • organizes interaction and coordination of activity of the Department of a mobile radio communication, Department of fixed and satellite communication, Department of TV and radio broadcasting and Department of coordination of radio-frequency assignments concerning entering in its competence;
  • supervises questions of construction, major overhaul, logistics of SUE CEMC and the questions connected with the realization of investment programs and projects within the competence;
  • provides the decision of questions of the standards requirements connected with performance, rules and norms of a labor safety, fire-prevention safety in structural divisions supervised by it;
  • bears the personal responsibility for the organization and duly execution of tasks in supervised divisions.

2022 year - Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development


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