Human resources


Mirzaxodjayeva Shoira Maxmudovna

Head of department
Phone: +998 71 230-61-14,



  • formation of personnel selection policy of the enterprise correesponding to a stage of its development and assigned tasks;
  • estimation of personnel potential of the enterprise, current and forward planning of personnel requirements;
  • development of regular structure of the organization, studying and perfection of official positions, definition of functional duties of employees and requirements to the specialists;
  • personnel acquisition of the organization, selection and placement of the personnel;
  • creation and maintenance systems of personnel placement, planning of career, estimation and certification of the personnel. Preparation of the managerial personnel, advance, movement on a service;
  • maintenance of legitimacy of the enterprise relations with hired workers and settlement of labor disputes. Management of disciplinary relations;
  • conducting personnel office-work and document circulation according to the established standards. Information supply of the management of the personnel: conducting internal system of accounts and databases;
  • organization of trainings and improvement of employees' professional skills;
  • consultation of heads of different devisions concerning management of a manpower.



  • registration of labor relations, personnel office-work and document circulation;
  • current and forward planning of needs of the enterprise in the personnel;
  • work with the services of emplyment of the population and personnel agencies;
  • work with the educational institutions on the organization of practice and the future employment of of graduates;
  • work with the supervising organizations on work and etc.;
  • development of competences to the position of all the empoyments;
  • participation in development of the normative documentation on all processes of personnel management;
  • control of execution of the normative documentation over all devisions and consultation of chiefs;
  • participation in estimation and certification of the personnel;
  • organization of trainings and improvement of professional skills of the empoyees.


2022 year - Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development


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