Transport and logistics department


Ashurmetov Bakhodir Ubaydullaevich

Ashurmetov Bakhodir Ubaydullaevich

Head of department
Phones: +998 95 340-41-08, +998 95 340-41-09



  • maintenance of steady process of operation SUE CEMC vehicles;
  • control over operation of vehicles in regional divisions;
  • maintenance of the enterprise and structural divisions material-technical resources and combustive-lubricating materials;
  • conducting the necessary account of the petroleum products, run of motor transport, registration of travelling sheets, allocation of spare parts, carrying out of checkup;
  • performance of works on construction and repair of buildings and rooms of the central device of the enterprise and regional structural divisions;
  • preparation of documents on the conclusion of contracts with the project organizations, on development of equipment designs and the project-budget documentation, and also prospecting works on construction and mounting organization;
  • control over quality of construction and mounting works;
  • maintenance of economic service and maintenance in proper condition of SUE CEMC buildings and rooms;
  • planning and realization of work of a power economy of the enterprise as a whole;
  • conclusion of operational contracts;
  • definition of requirements and maintenance with industrial-economic stock of departments and services of SUE CEMC;
  • conducting archive of the enterprise;
  • conducting a warehouse economy of the enterprise;
  • organization of direct and long-term economic relations with the suppliers.


  • provides accident-free and reliable work of all kinds of vehicles;
  • carries out the control over the use of motor vehicles to destination, according to operating provision;
  • allocates free vehicles on the basis of applications of corresponding officials, proceeding from priority of carried out tasks;
  • keeps an account of CEMC device vehicles movements (account and realization of travelling sheets, their reliability, control of motor vehicles run);
  • organizes reception and distribution of the Petroleum products between CEMC divisions;
  • draws the technical conclusion on a condition of motor vehicles;
  • provides vehicles with necessary spare parts and details;
  • carries out the control over a technical condition of vehicles, duly carrying out of periodic checkups of motor vehicles;
  • spends actions (technical education) on exclusion of road and transport incidents and traffic rules under the special schedule;
  • carries out the account and the control over the charge of the Petroleum products;
  • organizes development of plans, design estimates of current and major overhaul of a fixed capital of the enterprise (a building, systems of water supply and others);
  • prepares the documentation on carrying out of the tenders on the organization of construction and major overhaul of objects;
  • organizes carrying out of rooms redecoration, carries out the control over quality of carried out works;
  • accepts the works completed by construction according to Construction Regulations;
  • organizes work on processing the documents which are a subject to transfer to archive on storage;
  • organizes work on organizational administrative activity of the director;
  • performs work on preparation of materials for the conclusion of contracts on rent and operation of SUE CEMC and its structural divisions rooms, services of communication, service of the security-fire signal system, garbage disposal, carrying out preventive disinfective actions, power resources, and also on accommodation in hotel;
  • makes purchase in view of need of the tool, industrial stock and accessories, economic stock, electro-goods and spare parts for vehicles;
  • organizes work of a warehouse economy, takes measures on maintenance of safety of material resources acting on the enterprise;
  • provides economic service and an appropriate condition of a building and objects of the enterprise, according to rules and norms of industrial sanitary and fire safety, and also the control over serviceability of illumination, systems of heating, ventilation, a line of telecommunication in a building and on objects of the enterprise;
  • organizes technically correct operation and duly repair of the power equipment and power supply systems, uninterrupted maintenance of manufacture with the electric power, water and other kinds of power resources;
  • carries out the control over a rational expenditure of power resources at the enterprise and consecutive observance of an economy effort;
  • organizes reception and necessary service of representatives of other administrations and the persons who have arrived with official journeys;
  • supervises over works on an accomplishment, gardening and cleaning of territory, decorating of facades of buildings, through passage, etc.;
  • organizes economic service of meetings, conferences and seminars on an exchange of experience and other actions spent at the enterprise;
  • provides the control over a condition of fire-prevention stock;
  • organizes a subscription to periodicals of the device of SUE CEMC and structural divisions;
  • provides the maintenance in a serviceable condition of means of sanitary-engineering systems of a building and takes measures on their duly repair;
  • conducts the control over work as the security-fire signal system;
  • conducts the control over work of security-carrying system in a building of the enterprise;
  • conducts cadastral business;
  • organizes development of projects of perspective and annual plans financially - technical maintenance of manufacture on the basis of definition of need of divisions of the enterprise in material resources;
  • takes part in the coordination of conditions of contracts of deliveries on material support of the enterprise;
  • organizes direct and long-term economic relations with suppliers;
  • performs the work connected with preparation of claims to suppliers at infringement by them of agreement obligations, coordinates of change of conditions of the concluded contracts with suppliers;
  • organizes the delivery, of the received materials and technical resources on structural divisions of SUE CEMC;
  • provides elimination of the revealed discrepancies (correcting actions) at audits, or the analysis by management.


2022 year - Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development


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