Head of “Center of Electromagnetic Compatibility” State Unitary Enterprise

Dear employees, partners and customers!

More than 30 years have passed since the establishment of “Center of Electromagnetic Compatibility” State Unitary Enterprise of the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The history disposed so that it was during these years that the most important and global events took place in the life of the whole world and our state. It was in these three decades that the rapid development of ICT occurred, and our country became an independent state.

That is why from the very first days of establishment, the employees of the center were assigned the most important state tasks of recording, distribution and control of the use of radio frequency assignments and radio electronic means. In the conditions of rapid growth of mobile communications, Internet technologies and widespread development of wireless broadband radio access, our center's work was, is and will be very important both for the population, business entities, and for state organizations.

Due to the constant support from the leadership of the country, the government and our ministry, in close cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union, our center now has a highly professional team of employees, regional offices throughout the country and the latest special equipment from the world's best manufacturers such as “Rohde & Schwarz”, “Kathrein GmbH”, “Spinner GmbH”, “BONN Elektronik GmbH”, “Thomson”, “Swiss Qual” and others.

The use of information technologies in production activity allows to solve tasks assigned to the enterprise and its branches in the regions in a qualitative and operative manner.

Today, radio monitoring system of our Center is the main technical instrument of control over the use of radio-frequency spectrum and the operation of radio-electronic means. Its main elements make it possible to cover practically all of the territory of the republic with radio monitoring and promptly record any changes in radio environment.

I can say with confidence that the national radio monitoring system of Uzbekistan, in terms of technological level of equipment and the ability to solve system tasks in an automated manner, has no analogues throughout the CIS countries.

In conditions of digital transformation of the economy of Uzbekistan and widespread introduction of ICT with use of wireless technologies, we are setting new tasks and a thought-out strategy for further development of the Center, understanding that future development of information technologies in predominant component will be associated with the use of radio frequencies.

2022 year - Year of Ensuring Human Interests and Mahalla Development


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