Head office

Kuchkarbekov Shuhratbek Alimbekovich

Kuchkarbekov Shuhratbek Alimbekovich

Department of Information Security and Software Support

Head of office


The technical department of CEMC carries out the following duties:

  • Implementation of the technical policy of the State Unitary Enterprise "CEMC" in the field of improvement, re-equipment and use of technical means, measuring instruments, as well as software.
  •  Determination of requirements for the information security system, its carriers and processing processes, development of a security policy.
  • Ensuring the implementation in the part related to the competence of SUE "CEMC" of projects and measures provided for in the Strategy "Digital Uzbekistan-2030" approved by Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-6079 dated 05.10.2020, digital transformation programs, as well as systemic control over their timely execution.
  • Organization of activities for the implementation of the adopted Information Security Policy, provision of methodological assistance and coordination of work on the creation and development of an integrated protection system.
  • Ensuring comprehensive information protection at the enterprise.
  • Control over compliance with the established rules for safe work, assessment of the effectiveness and sufficiency of the measures taken and the means of information protection used.
  • The study of new technologies in the field of telecommunications and computerization, as well as their introduction into the production process of the enterprise.
  • Assistance to the structural subdivisions of the State Unitary Enterprise "CEMC" in maintaining technical and measuring instruments, as well as electronic computers and office equipment in working order.
  • Metrological support of technical means and measuring instruments of the State Unitary Enterprise "CEMC".
  • Organization of maintenance and repair of technical means, measuring instruments, computers and office equipment.
  • Ensuring control over the use of technical means and measuring instruments in accordance with the rules of technical operation, over compliance with the user manual when operating computers and office equipment.
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