Head office

Rasulev Mumin Xalikovich

Rasulev Mumin Xalikovich

Accounts department

Chief Accountant


The main tasks and functions of the department:


Compilation and submission of quarterly cash plans to banking institutions within the established time limits.

Presentation to bank institutions of duly executed payment orders and other settlement documents for goods, services rendered and work performed; ensuring timely receipt of invoices and taking steps to timely receive funds due from buyers.

Maintaining daily operational records of the implementation of financial plan indicators.

Compilation and presentation to the management of the enterprise of information and statements of financial condition.

Compilation and timely submission of the higher organization, tax office, bank institutions and statistics of the established operational and statistical reporting.

Implementation of the most appropriate forms of settlements with buyers and suppliers, contributing to the timeliness of payments and ensuring compliance with the rules for conducting these settlements.

Receipt, storage, operational accounting and issuance of cash, securities and forms of strict accountability in accordance with the Regulations on the conduct of cash transactions.

Compliance with the limit of cash balance in the cash desk of the enterprise established by the bank institution and ensuring the complete safety of banknotes.

Implementation of a systematic analysis of accounting, statistical and operational reporting on issues related to the observance of financial and payment discipline, forecasting the results of economic and financial activities; improving the use of fixed assets and working capital.

Participation in the organization of work on the production and economic activities of the enterprise and the determination of the impact of this activity on financial performance.

Participation in the conclusion of business contracts and acceptance of financial conditions.

Implementation of control over compliance with the rules for registration of acceptance and release of inventory items; the correctness of spending the wage fund, the establishment of official salaries, strict observance of staff, financial and cash discipline; compliance with the established rules for conducting inventories of cash, inventory, fixed assets, settlements and payment obligations.




Organization of accounting of financial and economic activities of the enterprise;

Development of long-term monetary - financial policy of the enterprise;

Organization of activities of CEMC for the safety and efficient use of fixed assets, working capital and financial resources;

Ensuring the timeliness of settlements with the budget, other government agencies, banks, legal entities and individuals;

Control over the use of financial and property resources of the enterprise;

Control over compliance with financial, credit and tax legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Timely prevention of negative phenomena in economic and financial activities, identification and mobilization of on-farm reserves.


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