Permission for bringing REM in

List of the documents for getting a permission to bring in a RFM:

Schedule of Services

Application on giving a permission for bringing radio equipments in with pointing a type and number of units;

copy of previously given permission for purchase, installation or projecting and building;

copy of commodity-transport documents (invoice, bills and etc.);

copy of payment order about fee payment for permission bringing in.

Required documents

It is allowed to give out a permission for bringing in without granding a copy of previously given permission fro purchase and installation ore projecting and construction, in cases of:

  • Cases of emergency;
  • Carring out of urgent state events;
  • To a supplier of equipment who has a document (usually, Decision of SCRF), giving him a right to supply and/or realization the REM of given producer; Question on giving such permissions is examining during 3 days.
  • Carring out a temporary events with the use of radio frequencies and under applicant's obligation of further taking REM out;
  • Using REm in educational aims (without a right of broadcasting).

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